Banksy Is Here In The South!

Banksy is here in the South!

If you’re not familiar with him, he’s from England and his art is graffiti, stencil-based. He’s traveled all over the world and has his work in galleries, museums, and in several books. There are over 60,000 pics of his images on Flickr. Even if (like me) you don’t ordinarily like graffiti art because mostly it’s done without the permission of a property owner, you may feel as though Banksy’s art gets a pass because it is just on such a different plane.

Many times his art has a social or political message — like the one he did here in Alabama.

He’s been in New Orleans, and pics of what he’s created there can be found at his website or here in this Flickr group.

As far as I know, he is still in Alabama and this piece was done by him in Ensley, which is right outside Birmingham. We drove there yesterday to this deserted Chevron station to take some pics:

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