Alabama State Capitol Building

Last week we were in Montgomery and took Shug for his first tour of the state capitol building. It was built in 1851 on the site of the old capitol building which was destroyed by fire.

The state legislature meets across the street in a different building, so really the capitol building right now is a setting for some state offices, the Goat Hill Shop, and…well…for the most part the building is a museum.

Right out front is the gold star where Jeff Davis took his oath as the President of the CSA (the building was also used as the Capitol of the Confederacy), and it’s on these front steps where each governor of the state is sworn in.

This is a view up one of the twin floating spiral staircases inside. They were designed by Horace King (more about him at this post).

This room is where the CSA was organized on February 4, 1861 and Jeff Davis was elected President on February 9 of that year:

…the interior of the capitol dome:

It was in this room that Alabama seceded from the Union on January 11, 1861:

If you are in the least bit interested in trompe l’oeil…it is *all over* here – in the pictures above and below you can see some of it, but it is of such good quality that it isn’t until much later that you realize it isn’t ‘real’ relief-work, or real moldings at all:

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