That Fun Little Boy

I think I’ve mentioned before that each day of the week, Shug and I go out for a trip to one of five different places: the zoo, the botanical gardens, another garden, the museum, and one day for shopping all over town. We do playdates too!

Here are some pics from this week with our fun little boy:

At the botanical gardens:

At the zoo, making friends with a tiger:

…at the other garden we like:

…he really knows how to relax:

…and at a new friend’s house, playing with some other babies:

Shug really doesn’t like the playpen we have for him but he *loved* playing with the other children in this – so this afternoon we came home and ordered two playzones (they join together to make a huge space) and two foam puzzle mats so we can give him a great-big place in the den for him and his friends to enjoy playtime! Yay!

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