Shug’s Room

Thanks to everyone who has been reminding me – for a while now (sorry!) – that I never posted pics of Shug’s nursery! The idea for his room was to have it decorated in all Southern art – it’s almost completely Alabama/Mississippi/Georgia artists. This isn’t everything, but here’s a quick tour…

This Chris Clark (B’ham, AL) angel overlooks the crib:

Here’s Shug in his crib (with sweet messed-up nap hair!) – there’s a Mose T (Montgomery, AL) watermelon above him – it is secured with mirror brackets so there is *no* way it can fall. To the right you can see three sets of McCarty Pottery (Merigold, MS) windchimes that we hung as a kind of mobile:

…the white padded crib rail is there because one day I walked in and Shug had been teething – he was being a little beaver, just chewing away!…

These two shelves display (top): Bud and Suzi Richards’ (Springville, AL) 1864 Flying Spy Automata – I have a video of how it works here, then to the right of that is a Charlie Lucas (Pink Lily, AL) wire horse, then a birdhouse:

On the bottom shelf is a Mark Williams (Bogart, GA) pottery birdhouse, a cotton wreath, a piece that reads, “I shall not be moved I am like a tree”, the blue paper mache bunny is an original by Penny McAllister (Tuscaloosa, AL), and the painting of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments is by Myrtice West (Centre, AL).

On top of Shug’s armoire is a mommy possum with her babies by Fred Kessler (Mount Pleasant, NC), and the painting inside the armoire is by Jimmy Lee Sudduth (Fayette, AL).

Many smaller very important pieces made by or bought for Shug by our friends are on his armoire shelves:

My friend Cotton who has Blue Horse Studio in Tennessee made this beautiful raku pot – I usually have it holding a peace lily in his room (they’re really good for improving indoor air quality):

Above the rocking chair is this quilt by Yvonne Wells (Tuscaloosa, AL):

This print above Shug’s dresser/changing table is by Johnna Bush (available at Black Belt Treasures in Camden, AL) – some famous Alabama artists are depicted, and Kathryn Tucker Windham is right in the middle, telling a story:

This chair was hand-caned by my friend Bibby, who somehow knew Shug was going to be a boy before everyone else!:

…and my friend Leslie who is a real artist in her own right did a simple-simple version of a watermelon that we have hanging below the two display shelves:

Before Shug came, I told her that I just wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to get a Mose T watermelon in time, and so Leslie painted her own for us!

Now I need to get started dreaming-up what the new baby’s room will be like…

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