Shug Meets KTW

Friday night after services, we drove over to the Jennifer Hunt Gallery in B’ham to see Kathryn Tucker Windham! The gallery was having a reception / book signing for the opening of her photography show there, which runs through September 20th.

We had the best time – met lots of new people and (oh Suzanne! I met Dilcy and you are right she is great!) ran into some old friends, and just really enjoyed ourselves. After KTW signed our book for Shug, she played with him and it was just so sweet. Love her.

Guess who else was there? Charlie Lucas:

…and the pretty lady he’s talking to was just the most fun – except I forgot to get her name! I walked up and she was talking to Av and Shug and so I figured that they already knew each other and then when we got to the car I asked what her name was, where she lived, etc. and Av was like “oh you know what? I totally forgot to ask her!”.

All the photographs featured in this show I think were also in KTW’s Encounters book.

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