Pomegranate Tea

I love Pom Wonderful. It’s *so* good – and *so* healthy with all those antioxidants – but it’s also very expensive.

The other day when I was at the grocery store, I was thinking of making a lemon icebox pie for an upcoming family get-together…so I went to the freezer section to pick up a container of frozen lemon and saw that a brand called “Old Orchard” makes frozen pomegranate concentrate. And although I can’t think of what I figured the difference in price between bottles of Pom Wonderful and the cost of that concentrate diluted into individual servings was right this minute, I remember that it was a lot.

Once we got home, I started thinking of what else I could do with the container of pomegranate. One of the business/social clubs that we belong to is the Summit Club, and they serve “Arnold Palmers” (never had it before we started going there), which is half lemonade, half tea – and it is delicious! I thought I would try making tea with pomegranate – and it turned out soooo good. Really, really, really good and summery and wonderful. I was thinking it would even be nice during the winter if it were served hot. It is that good.

1 family-size tea bag
water to fill teapot
2 cups sugar
1 container frozen concentrate pomegranate juice (I think 11-12 oz.)

Make the tea as usual – steep bag in hot water in teapot for about 5 minutes. Pour into a pitcher, add sugar while the tea is hot and stir with a long-handled spoon (wooden spoons are perfect) until the sugar is completely dissolved. Add the container of frozen pomegranate to the pitcher and stir well. All done!

Here it is in a glass with ice. Oh I can’t even say how good this is!

Oh! And yes, you can dilute it all you want. This recipe is for it pretty strong (more of a sipping tea) – but you could even weaken it up to 100% by volume with water (to make it more of a ‘gosh it’s hot out there’ drinking tea) and it is still excellent!

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