Nu-Way, Macon Georgia, and Veye-in-uhs and Vee-in-uhs, and even Mystery Meats

We were in Macon, Georgia this past week and went to the Nu-Way, which is right downtown. Isn’t their sign the greatest!?

They’ve been in business since 1916 and you can still sit at the counter if you like:

I had a scrambled dog. It is a hotdog bun with a crazy-bright-red Nu-Way hotdog on top, and covering that is some oyster crackers and chili:

I don’t know what got into me! I don’t even like hotdogs really. I think the last one I had was maybe three years ago at Papa’s in Tuscaloosa, which is closed now, but they had those Vienna beef hotdogs that are so good. And they had frozen custard, which was even better.

Maybe it was some weird pregnant craving, but that scrambled dog really was good! Oh – and that crazy red color goes all the way through the hotdog!:

Shug ate his own food, although I did let him have a couple of bites of chili. One of the nice ladies that worked there just loved on him and gave him a hat to wear too!

He has got just the funniest look in this pic! Hilarious!!

I wonder if Vienna beef hotdogs like what was served at Papa’s are pronounced “vee-in-uh” or “v-eye-in-uh”. I’m guessing “vee-in-uh” since they’re from Chicago. If you’re in Vienna, Georgia, though, you say that “v-eye-in-uh” like the sausages.

I will say I was in Vienna, Austria once and it was beautiful. Of course, that’s the original Vienna. “Vee-in-uh” I mean.

Ohmystars I just looked up the website for Vienna sausages (those are most definitely “v-eye-in-uh”) and not only are there regular Vienna sausages, but there are also:

Lite, BBQ, Hot ’n Spicy, Smoked, Jalapeno, Honey Mustard, Cajun, Regular – Bilingual, and Bilingual Chicken

First of all, Cajun Vienna sausages? Honey mustard? BBQ? Lite!!?? And I’m not even going to spend the time thinking about how crazy it is that they list “regular-bilingual” and “bilingual chicken” as varieties.

One summer in college I worked in a factory in my hometown. They had a special program for college students where you worked and made almost 3x what minimum wage was back then. I guess the summer was busy season for them and they needed the extra help…and the company wouldn’t have to worry about laying people off at the end of the busy stretch since we’d all be returning to college.

Oh *gosh* that was a hard summer.

I mean, it was nice because I got to meet a bunch of other people and the other college-kids especially were a lot of fun too.


The factory didn’t have air conditioning. Oh it was miserable-hot. Like most everyone else, I operated a giant punch machine, and my wrists were tethered to this safety device so that when the big punch came down to stamp out some metal, there was no way that my hands could get in the way. It was terrible-terrible. I felt like a little monkey, just sitting there all day, changing out metal pieces and pushing a button and hearing that terrible “clang” every few seconds. There was nothing to think about. And we weren’t allowed to talk, even to the person next to us.

Of course, every two weeks when I saw how much more my paycheck was than if I had kept a “regular” summer job, I was only one thing: grateful.

ANYway, the bright spot of each day — before leaving of course, was lunch because all of us college-kids sat together in the air-conditioned cafeteria to visit and eat.

I don’t remember who it was, but there was one kid who brought potted meat along with the rest of his otherwise boring-food-like-the-rest-of-us lunch. Do you know what potted meat is? Some kids joked that it was cat food for humans (okay it honestly does look that way) but it’s…um…hahaha…pate for the proletariat. And it doesn’t even have to be refrigerated. It was just amazing to me what each person brought for lunch. It was anything from their Momma’s chicken casserole to…well…potted meat.

All that makes me think about the other mystery meat – Spam. Did you know that Spam is *huge* in Hawaii? Even the big paper there, the Honolulu Advertiser, included a piece about it in a special section they called ‘Living in Paradise’ – the feature is here. And I had no idea until I read that article that there is such a thing as a SpamMobile, though. Seriously. They have a gift shop at the Spam site too…wouldn’t you love to have a set of these ‘conversation starters’?! So funny!!!

Oh, and it turns out that there really are different flavors of Spam like the Honolulu Advertiser mentioned, including:

Bacon, Honey, Hickory Smoked, Cheese, Garlic, and Hot & Spicy


…but no bilingual chicken. Huh.

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