More Amish, And New Things

I love it when you get interested about something, and all of a sudden you see it everywhere.

Just today, the AP came out with a story on the population increase of the Amish community nationwide. It has nearly doubled in about 16 years, and in that time they have established new communities in seven states, one being Mississippi (our visit to it here). The total Amish population is now around 227,000.

Business Week did a story this month about how people contract with the Amish to build homes since their workmanship is legendary.

Okay, and this doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but…

I found out this week about Keds Studio where you can upload your own pictures to be printed on Keds shoes! They even do children’s sizes. I can’t wait for Shug (and little brother!) to be big enough to start making art so that we can upload it to the Keds site and a few days later get it back on shoes!

The Museum of Modern Art catalog came in the mail last week with their new holiday cards. They also have new styles of Robert Sabuda pop-up notecards – loooove these.
–Speaking of which, the blog Paper Crave always features the best designs (and last year they did a great series on holiday cards). Are you thinking about those already too?

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