If You’re Not Going To Make One, You Could Always Buy One

There’s some property at 1905 Russell Avenue in Springfield, Ohio that’s for sale for $57,900. Thing is, on the Realtor.com website they don’t even mention that the reason someone is going to buy this property is not for the sunny yellow 1300 sq ft house at all – it’ll probably be just for the yard.

The yard is Hartman’s Rock Garden – it was started back in the ’30s by an out-of-work man named Ben Hartman. He started with building a little fish pond, but he got so taken by the process of creating that he just kept going. Over the years, he built replicas of Independence Hall, Lincoln’s Log Cabin, Custer’s Last Stand, Noah’s Ark, the White House, Mount Vernon, the Oregon Trail, a Nativity scene, and countless others. There are many pics of it here on Flickr.

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