Garden Armoires

Back in October of 2006, I did a little project where I took a couple of old ’60s armoires and updated them with chalkboard paint. I loved the way they turned out!

We are changing one of the guest bedrooms here to the new baby’s room, so we decided to get rid of the chalkboard armoires and go back to using our Scandinavian bedroom suite from SDG. Oh – and yes we did order that set of furniture that we had been looking at for the nursery – the crib, dresser, and armoire! They’ll hopefully be here the end of August.

Anyway, what to do with those old armoires? Well…I thought that since they weren’t heirloom-quality and that since I could use some storage in the back yard for potting materials, etc. that we could re-purpose them into garden pieces.

I have to admit – I’ve seen people do things like this in magazines and it turn out really fun and chic, but I did have my moment of doubt when I was just hoping we wouldn’t look like crazy bumpkins who leave their furniture outside. hahaha!!


Ooooh I love it now! I took chalk and just drew designs on them all over:

Repurposed Garden Armoire (with chalkboard paint!)

…loaded them with plants and extra pots and things (the top plants are going to be repotted this afternoon into a galvanized tin container that I later want to do a mosaic design on), lined/decoupaged the drawers with some pretty wrapping paper, and put on Mackenzie-Childs knobs.

I am *so* happy with the way these turned out – and the best part of all is that since they can be wiped clean and chalked over, when our children get older they can have something in the backyard to draw on and be creative with. Yay!

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