For Shelter

We got some new towels – Neiman Marcus has their Ralph Lauren towels on 50% off sale right now (with free monogramming!) so it sounded like a good time to take advantage and replace our old ones, some of which have been around since we got married, almost ten years. The new ones came in this week and are *soooo* nice!

The old towels were all still in very good condition, so we were going to add them to some other things for our next Goodwill donation – but then I remembered that in one of the mailings we get from a particular women’s shelter we support, they had towels on their ‘wish list’ so…

We called first and they were so happy to receive them. This particular shelter I like because they try to make it more homey. We’ve done projects at different ones (like cooking food, etc) and certain ones are really spartan, with the idea being that if the shelter is too comfortable people will not be as apt to want to leave quickly. I get that idea if the shelter is for adults only, but for women with children I like that this one tries to maintain a really welcoming atmosphere.

If you stay at hotels, you may want to hang on to the soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and lotions that are left each day because the shelters *really* love to get those too!

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