Elvis, Elvis, Elvis

This past week – and up to the 17th – is “Elvis Week”, I guess because people used to and still do make a point of visiting Graceland around the anniversary of Elvis’ death, August 16th. Tomorrow afternoon there is a Mass at St. Paul’s and then a candlelight vigil. The Memphis Symphony Orchestra is performing Elvis’ music this weekend too.

The last time we were in Israel, in 2006, Av took these pics at the Elvis Inn outside Jerusalem (for me, when you see something like this outside the US you sort of have to stop). It’s run by a couple of Israeli guys and has been open for over 30 years now. People come from all over to have their pictures taken with the two Elvis statues:

We’ve been to Graceland and Elvis’ birthplace in Tupelo, but I’d love to visit Graceland Too in Holly Springs. And my favorite-of-all-time Elvis artwork is the Trinity by Clyde Broadway (he’s an art teacher in Scottsboro) at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

There are over 250 pics of Elvis shrines on Flickr!

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