Cards and Dresses

There are two catalogs that I shop and get instant inspiration from. One is Anthropologie (plus I love that they get that things like doorknobs and cabinet pulls are like jewelry for your house) and the other is the Texas-based Wisteria catalog. The couple that owns it was featured in the March 2008 issue of Veranda. (thanks for letting me know which issue Mimi!). I have loved Wisteria forever, and every single catalog gives me all kinds of ideas.

In the latest catalog, Wisteria has this really clever dalmatian dog covered with a deck of cards – a pic of it is here. They have a great sense of humor. It got me thinking about what else could be covered with cards, or decoupaged, or etc that would turn into something really smart. Then last week the latest issue of Raw Vision came and when they mentioned the upcoming Kentuck Festival, they featured a picture of John Petrey’s card dress – here’s a pic of his site since my screenshot function isn’t working:

He is based out of Chattanooga and represented at Lois Lambert Gallery and Cohen Rese Gallery – both in California, and I’ve found other pics of his work here, here, and here. I can’t wait to meet him this year at Kentuck.

Oh, and I haven’t seen it yet but Sara Anne Gibson, the exec. director of the Kentuck Museum says that there is a nice article about John Petrey in the latest issue of American Style Magazine.

John Petrey’s dress series reminded me of B’ham’s Julia Peerson Carpenter and the Metalwear dress forms she makes. Pics of her work are here and here.

Leigh Pennebaker is based in NYC now, but she’s from Star, Mississippi and makes *the* most amazing wire dress forms too…

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