Boudin…And Pronouncing Words To Your Own Personal Liking

Sara Roahen, who wrote Gumbo Tales, is working with the Southern Foodways Alliance right now doing oral histories. They’re working on creating a website for the stories as well as doing a map with just a few different boudin markets here:

Boudin (if you’re from another part of the country, it’s pronounced “boo-dan”) is pork, rice, spices, sausage, liver (or not), um…some other things I guess, in a natural casing. This is boudin we got from Boudin King in Jennings, Louisiana:

If you take the boudin mix and fry it instead, you make “boudin balls” which are sooo good:

Gosh, they even sell boudin balls at a gas station near Winfield, Alabama that we were at the other day.

Our favorite boudin comes from Rabideaux’s II in Iowa, Louisiana (and that Iowa is pronounced “I-O-Way”). Yum:

In South Louisiana, boudin is available everywhere – this was from a Chevron station in Opelousas:

Probably the best site about boudin – whose is best, etc. is at Boudin Link.

Oh – and I should have mentioned that the SFA has uploaded Sara’s boudin pics to their Flickr account, here. Although I have to say that the making of boudin isn’t necessarily very photogenic.

Another of my malaprops happened last week when I asked Av something about those boudin people in Israel. You know, the Bedouins. Ohmystars what must he think, being married to a girl that mixes up sausage with a tribe of people?

Probably the same thing he thinks when I forget and call the Jordan River the “Jerden” River (where we live, lots of people with the last name of Jordan pronounce it “Jerden”). He’s heard me call Michael Jordan “Michael Jerden” so many times it probably doesn’t even register!!

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