Bean’s Ferry Pottery, Fulton MS – and Sand and Chalk Art

On the way back home from visiting the Amish community in Mississippi, we saw a billboard for Bean’s Ferry Pottery in Fulton. The studio is in this little yellow workshop by the owner’s home:

The owner, Keith Carpenter, makes really nice things, but he’s probably best known for these state Santa ornaments:

I got this one, shaped like Alabama, for one of my friends who celebrates Christmas. Mr. Carpenter makes these ornaments in the shapes of all 50 states.

I noticed on his website that he does a chalk art ministry too. I’ve never seen / been to one of those, but I have seen a presentation done – in college, I think – where a professional speaker gave a presentation in sand, and the picture would change and grow and it was really pretty fascinating. There’s someone doing sand art on YouTube here.

Really, my favorite of those kinds of things has to be 3-d chalk painting, like this:

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