Bean’s Ferry Pottery, Fulton MS – and Sand and Chalk Art

On the way back home from visiting the Amish community in Mississippi, we saw a billboard for Bean’s Ferry Pottery in Fulton. The studio is in this little yellow workshop by the owner’s home:

Bean's Ferry Pottery, Fulton MS

The owner, Keith Carpenter, makes really nice things, but he’s very well known for state Santa ornaments. I got this one, shaped like Alabama, for one of my friends who celebrates Christmas.

Bean's Ferry Pottery, Fulton MS

I noticed on his website that he does a chalk art ministry too. I’ve never seen / been to one of those, but I have seen a presentation done – in college, I think – where a professional speaker gave a presentation in sand, and the picture would change and grow and it was really pretty fascinating.

Really, my favorite of those kinds of things has to be 3-d chalk painting.

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