Today I noticed a car park on the street across from our house and out popped a couple of LDS missionaries. Ordinarily I would have offered them in for a bottle of water, but Shug was asleep and I sure didn’t want him waking up from his nap early.

I walked outside and told them that I was glad to see them but that my baby was taking a nap and it wasn’t a good time for a visit; I hoped that they were having a good time in Alabama (the Church sends them from everywhere to different states so the ones visiting you may be from somewhere across the country); and “good luck with my neighbors, but we are Jewish”. Not that my neighbors ought to convert to LDS or anything…I guess I am just hoping those boys are met with kindness wherever they go.

I think all my close neighbors are Baptist and Methodist, except the man next door who is either Greek Orthodox or Lebanese Catholic (Maronite). Av knows which. They like to talk man-stuff out in the yard, like how the grass is growing and what needs to be sprayed and that kind of thing. He’s really a lovely older gentleman, except every now and then when he runs his leaf blower at 7am. He likes a well-groomed yard. Anyway.

The LDS Church is, to me, fascinating. How they send the young men out to spread their message as missionaries…their beliefs, like “forever families“, etc….and how they encourage setting aside Monday evenings as “family home evening“.

I guess in a way it is a little like Shabbat every week for us: emphasizing family time together and talking about Biblical history and lessons, generosity and kindness, and how to live an ethical, honorable life. Good things.

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