This Weekend

We were talking about what to do this weekend – Shug is really too little to go to fireworks shows since they are too loud (and I remember being scared of their noise when I was little too) so we were thinking of what different we could do.

Well, there is something *very* different going on at Pasaquan, near Buena Vista, Georgia. They’re celebrating what would be the 100th birthday of the founder, Eddie Owens Martin, who became known as “St. EOM”, with activities like a costume contest, a birthday cake contest, and a snake-calling contest. This is how the Pasaquan website describes the snake-calling competition:

A panel of judges will select the winning caller based on originality, tone, rhythm, and volume. However any caller who actually charms a snake into personally appearing during the competition will immediately be declared the winner by default and crowned the Superior Snake-calling Champion of Pasaquan, 2008. Any contestant who attempts to unfairly sway the competition by deviously calling his or her own trained snake will be disqualified from the contest and banished from the Land of Pasaquan forever.

There are almost 1000 pics on Flickr of Pasaquan and the pic above is one I took of one of St. EOM’s sculptures in a museum.

Of course, the Grand Bay Watermelon Festival sounds like fun too.

Actually I think we will stay at home, grill out some, and spend time with friends. We have been going so much lately, the idea of hanging out here sounds nice. If any of you decide to spend the 4th at Pasaquan, I’d love to hear about it!

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