Shug’s First Birthday – Antoine’s and Baked Alaska!

Antoine's, New Orleans

Av planned *the* *best* *ever* first birthday for Shug!!

He managed to get us a private room at…Antoine’s!! We arrived and they brought us to the 1840 Room:

Antoine's, New Orleans LA

The Antoine’s website describes it as:

The 1840 Room, fashioned in the style of the period, is a charming salon for dining. Photographs of successive generations of the Alciatore family also dot the room and add to the richness of the warm, red interior. It replicates a fashionable dining room from that time and is also a museum of sorts, housing a Parisian cookbook circa 1659, and the restaurant’s silver duck press among other treasures.

There are lots & lots of other very interesting things about Antoine’s at this site.

It was beautiful.

This is an original Thomas Edison lightbulb on display in the room:

Original Thomas Edison Lightbulb

So…for supper we had:

Huitres a la Foch (fried oysters on toast with foie gras, covered with Colbert sauce):

Huitres a la Foch (fried oysters on toast with foie gras), Antoine's, New Orleans LA

Creole gumbo:

Creole Gumbo, Antoine's, New Orleans LA

Crabes mous frits (fried soft shell crab):

Fried Soft Shell Crab, Antoine's, New Orleans LA

Filet de truite aux ecrevisses cardinal (fried trout with crawfish):

Fried Trout with Crawfish, Antoine's, New Orleans LA

Pommes de terre souffle (puffed potatoes, which we had with Bernaise sauce):

Pommes De Terre Souffle, Antoine's, New Orleans LA

…and for dessert, Av called ahead of time and requested an Omlette Alaska Antoine (Baked Alaska) with Shug’s name piped onto it. Ohmygosh this was sooo nice! The waiters brought it in, placed it in front of Shug, and he just dove in with both hands!! Here he is trying to figure out what all that is on his fingers!:

Shug's First Birthday Cake, Baked Alaska at Antoine's, New Orleans LA

We had the *most wonderful* time, and Chuck and Brad took great care of us. Daddy is the greatest for arranging the best first birthday supper ever!!

We are so lucky to be Shug’s parents!! He has been such a joy. If I could, I would do this year over & over & over!!

Happy first birthday sweet boy! Mommy and Daddy love you!!

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