Retro Watering Can

Decoupaged Retro Watering Can2007 was the first year I received a R.H. Shumway seed catalog. After ordering and receiving my seeds, I still could not throw the catalog away – it just had these wonderfully retro line drawings of plants and I was hoping I’d somehow find a project to use it.

A few weeks ago, I got the VivaTerra catalog, and they were selling something called a ‘misprint watering can’ which was covered with what sheet-metal factories were rejecting. The minute I saw it, I got the inspiration to use my Shumway catalog and decoupage an old, boring watering can here at home. It turned out great and was so much fun to do!

watering can
paper for protecting work surface
decoupage paper – a catalog or whatever you’d like to use
scissors to cut out pictures
decoupage medium – I used Mod Podge matte finish
black foam brush for smoothing on the Mod Podge
waterproofing spray


I used some full pages of the catalog to use as a ‘base’ for decoupaging the watering can, cut some of the most interesting drawings and quotes out too.

Decoupaged Retro Watering Can

I used the black foam brush, put on a nice layer of Mod Podge, then smoothed on a page of the catalog. For the parts that went around the handle or nozzle, I just used the scissors to make it so that the pages would wrap around them as well as possible.

Decoupaged Retro Watering Can

I kept Mod-Podging, went all the way around the watering can and did the top too, used some of the small pictures to go up the nozzle, used some of the quotes to line the handle. 

Covered it all with a couple more layers of Mod Podge (it dries clear so I use *plenty*) plus it helps seal it all. Once it dried overnight, Av sprayed it all over with a good coating of water sealer spray and it was all done!

Decoupaged Retro Watering Can

Ooooh it’s so much better now!

Decoupaged Retro Watering Can

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