Neshoba County Fair This Week, The Voice, Sweet Tea, and a New Variant

This week is the Neshoba County Fair – it is unlike *anything* else! We went two years ago…

It has a midway, which we skip, but it also has all kinds of great agricultural and homemade exhibits – that’s my favorite part:

Here are a couple of the cabins – if you find one for sale, they cost up to $200,000 and you have to meet the approval of the Fair board, plus from what I understand, go through some other ‘hoops’ too. There are over 600 cabins now. Ah, I still want one:

Except I would paint it about 15 different colors and make it totally crazy and fun!

There’s even horse racing – I think it’s the only legal horse track in Mississippi.

When we went, we thought the announcer sounded familiar:
…it sounded just like Jack Cristil. Now, a lot of you already know, Jack Cristil is the radio announcer for Mississippi State football. One Friday night, Av and I were in Tupelo, went to Temple, and (surprise!) there was Jack Cristil leading services out of the “Gates of Prayer” prayerbook. It was *the* most awesome thing to hear – those words spoken just that way. Some people think – or thought – that Charlton Heston had the voice of the Almighty. Well, for me, it is Jack Cristil. Now some people have these incredible light-filled, very intellectual visions of what G-d is like, but I’ve never gotten much past 2nd grade with my vision. In my mind, G-d looks like a cross between Colonel Reb and Colonel Sanders, is personality-wise a mix between my PawPaw and Bear Bryant, and He sounds just like Jack Cristil. You just want to sit in His lap and hear a story, hope for a hug, and never-ever disappoint (talking about the Almighty here, not Jack Cristil. But you know.). Anyway…

Last week we missed the W.C. Handy Music Festival in Florence. One of the events they had this year was the Y’all Magazine-sponsored Sweet Tea Challenge:

The categories were “Undisputed Best Sweet Tea in the Shoals” (individual), “Best Sweet Tea Served in the Shoals” (restaurant), “Best Fellowship Tea” (civic group/churches/etc entry), “Most Unique Tea in the Shoals,” “Hottest Sweet Tea in the Shoals” (fire department), and “Most Tolerable Yankee Tea” (meaning: unsweet). I bet that was fun. I heard that there’s a new sweet tea vodka, even. Really! The Firefly Distillery in South Carolina has come out with a 70-proof tea-infused vodka. The website doesn’t say when it will be available here, but it can be bought in Georgia starting August 1st. Considering Av has different flavors of Grey Goose and even bought the mango and black pepper New Orleans limited-edition Absolut, I bet he will go for a bottle of this!

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