Gumbo Throwdown

I got an email from the Crescent City Farmer’s Market today that Food Network is going to air a brand-new Bobby Flay “Throwdown” episode based on him challenging Poppy Tooker on seafood gumbo.

Now, Poppy Tooker knows her gumbo (Bobby’s recipe for his gumbo is here, and Poppy’s is here).

The funny part is, they taped the Throwdown show on Good Friday. Poppy told the Farmer’s Market:

“A priceless moment that I hope made the cut was when I asked Bobby if he was planning to put any MEAT in his gumbo? He said ‘Yes, I have this beautiful andouille sausage…’ Leah Chase stood up and said ‘Bobby Flay! If you put meat in your gumbo on Good Friday, G-d will strike you dead.’”

If you miss it tonight, it’s going to air again July 19th and August 31.

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