Green Olive Tartar Sauce

We have fish a couple of times a week for supper, for all those good Omega-3s. There’s a good website here (and EPA site here) that tells which fish have the highest and lowest levels of mercury, so we stick to the lowest ones like freshwater trout and tilapia.

Last night I decided to just saute the fish a bit with herbs and serve a little tartar sauce on the side, which I never do. I tried to experiment a little and made something that turned out really great (if the idea of green olives and anchovies doesn’t bother you).

1/2 c. mayonnaise
1/4 c. green olives (just regular pimiento olives)
3 anchovy filets (Roland anchovies in garlic and parsley)

Chop the green olives into small pieces and the anchovy filets into tiny bits.

Add to the mayonnaise, stir:

All done!:

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