Fried Green Tomatoes and BLFGTs

While we were in New Orleans, I saw or read something (can’t remember which) about a restaurant serving BLTs – except the T was a fried green tomato. I thought it was the Palace Cafe, but I don’t see it on their menu online, and when I do a Google search, all kinds of restaurants all over the South come up…hmmm…if I figure it out I’ll update here.

Where we live, every other restaurant serves fried green tomatoes at lunch. Now I know this is strange, but my least favorite ones are at the Irondale Cafe, which is the Whistlestop Cafe that Fannie Flagg’s extended family owned at one time (thus the book and movie). Because this is so not right, I’ve even ordered them a few times just to make sure I didn’t have bad ones on a bad day. The only thing that makes me feel better is that other people I know think the same thing, otherwise I would think I was crazy because the idea of the famous FGT place having not-very-good FGTs is just really-really wrong.

Here’s a pic of theirs:
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Irondale Cafe

On the other hand, they sell an awful lot of them…

The people there are awfully nice though, and when tourists come in because of the movie, I’ve seen the kitchen bring out a green tomato and someone take their picture with it so there’s a souvenir of their visit. That’s very nice.

And what a terrific movie! Someone put the trailer on YouTube:

“Face it, girls. I’m older and I have more insurance.”

I use the exact same method for making fried green tomatoes as fried pickles (that recipe here).

Cut into rounds, patted dry a bit:

In the egg wash:

Here’s what they’re dredged in (I use a 90% cornmeal, 10% flour ratio plus a bunch of Tony Chachere’s):

Fried at 350* until golden brown on each side and placed on paper towels to drain:

A little extra salt and pepper the minute they come out:

Now on to the BLT – or the BLFGT – toasted bread, a little mayonnaise, some good lettuce, bacon, a perfect fried green tomato on top:

That was good.

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