Family Birthday

Last week when we got home from New Orleans, our family came over to celebrate Shug’s birthday (got lots of great presents!).

Lucky thing wound up with two birthday cakes this year! This one is a doberge we brought back from Gambino’s (doberge is kind-of a tradition for b’day cakes in our family – we’ve even had them overnighted to us!):

He looked like a little beaver with icing on his lip!

Sweet thing!

I think next year we will start doing birthday parties with all his friends coming over too. I can’t wait for that! We had a great time with my friend Jenifer and her baby at their first birthday party, but I was thinking that when Shug gets to be two or three, all the kids will be old enough to play b’day games with each other and things like that. Oh and all the fun themes we can do!!! Yay!!

Flickr has over 16,000 pics of first birthday cakessome of them are *amazing*! I think Shug is the only only one with a baked alaska though!! I am definitely going to look on Flickr for cake inspiration next year!

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