Charlie Lucas: The World Through My Eyes

This weekend, we drove over to the B’ham Museum of Art to see the Charlie Lucas exhibit they’ll have going until this Fall. It’s called “The World Through My Eyes” and it’s a collection of twelve of his works made over the course of the last twenty years.

The Blue Fish (2005):

Hot Lover (1989) – this has to be one of my favorites – this man was in love, chasing a woman, and crashed his bike (see how broken it is) but got right back up to get her:

His chest is an old radiator and his heart is a stove heating coil:

Peoples Coming Together, Negative and Positive Makes a New Energy (2004):

Face in Space (1989):

My Old Great Grandfather (2006) – the wheels in his hands represent the wagon wheels that Charlie’s great-grandfather made, and the horn at his heart represents the lessons Charlie learned from him:

Charlie lives in Pink Lily, Alabama. Here are some short videos with him:
“I’m starving right now. Because I got so much stuff in my head, basically I don’t have no place to even put it.” “This should stick to the roof of your brain.”

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