Cafe Du Monde, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Audubon Insectarium, and St. Louis Cathedral

Guess who got powdered sugar on his little nose and cheeks at Cafe Du Monde!?:

Actually I only let him have the teensiest piece of beignet with his breakfast but he was just too cute with a little white nose!

Once we left CDM, we walked over to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. We decided to go ahead and get a family membership since if we only go to it and the Audubon Zoo two or three times a year, it pays for itself.

Later, we walked over to the brand-new Audubon Insectarium, which is…um…it’s like a zoo for insects. I was mostly into the venus flytrap chandeliers in the lobby:

The Insectarium was *really* nice, but I think we probably won’t go again until Shug is 7 or 8 and thinks things like that are interesting.

Yuck (thankfully they were enclosed and not loose)!!

There’s also a little cafe with prepackaged sandwiches, etc in the back of the building, and they have a little kitchen behind there, where you can go in and actually sample cooked bugs if you like! Come and get your hot termites right here! (no thanks!)

The day before we left, Shug and I walked over to St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. Ooooh it’s so gorgeous – this is the ceiling:

The sanctuary:

Just beautiful.

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