2008 Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

This weekend is the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, and it’s the largest one in the world. UNESCO even named Santa Fe a ‘City of Folk Art’ which makes it the first city in North America to be part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network.

We haven’t been to Santa Fe in probably six years now, but when we did go we *loved* it. We stayed at Hotel St. Francis at the Plaza, had supper one night at The Anasazi (menu) and went to many of the galleries downtown, and especially the galleries on Canyon Road. That was the year we went to Denver and Cheyenne. Oh, and Av “caught” a giant tumbleweed in Dumas, Texas and put it in the back of his car so that when we got to our hotel in Denver, the valet opened the back of his Honda and got *the* funniest look on his face! Hilarious!! The tumbleweed is hanging from the ceiling in our staircase to the downstairs (did you know that you can even order a tumbleweed to be shipped to your house?).

Anyway, Santa Fe is also the home to the Museum of International Folk Art, and every July, they partner to put on the International Folk Art Market which brings in over 100 artists from more than 40 countries.

We won’t be going this year, but I contacted the Market and they gave me permission to use their photos here:

Aristude Mukashyaka from Macy’s Rwanda Path to Peace with her baskets. Photo by Fair Winds Trading.

Beaded necklaces from Malaysia by artisan Nancy Najali. Photo by Ann Murdy.

A colorful Chief Zo Oloruntoba from Nigera who came in 2005 as an artist and returned last year as a visitor. Photo by Marc Romaneli.

Panama: Loida Mejia from Wounaan Tribe of the Darien Rainforest, weaves a beautiful Hösig Di basket. Photo by Ann Murdy.

Agnes Kubwimana from Macy’s Rwanda Path to Peace. Photo by Fair Winds Trading.

There’s a short overview of the Market here, too:

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