U.G. White Hardware, Athens Alabama – Lodge, and Pageants Somehow

On our way to the Franklin Food & Spirits Festival, we stopped in Athens, Alabama and shopped in the Square for a few minutes. We *loved* the old-fashioned hardware store – it’s called U.G. White Hardware, and it’s been in business since 1917. They carry everything:

They had lots of Radio Flyer toys there for when Shug gets older, and I found a piece of Lodge that I got for the kitchen:

They had some other Lodge cookware there that I had never seen before – some of it was what they call their ‘Signature Series‘ and it looks great. The other line they had I at first thought it was Le Creuset (and I was thinking surely Le Creuset isn’t being sold at hardware stores now!) but it looked just like mine – see on the second shelf below?

Okay yes I am one of those people with too many pots & pans and serving pieces so I have to keep my Le Creuset and my MacKenzie-Childs on my shelving unit! Anyway, they had something that looked just like Le Creuset, except it was Lodge’s new enamel line. Really, even up close it looked *so* close to Le Creuset, down to the color. I bet it is a lot less expensive too.

Lodge sponsors the National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, where they’re based. When they have the festival beauty pageant, they name the little girl winners “Little Miss Cornbread” and “Tiny Miss Cornbread Muffin”! Wouldn’t you love to tell people that you were Little Miss Cornbread!? When I was little, I was in beauty pageants – now how many other Jewish girls do you know can say they were Little Miss Merry Christmas!? My favorite title I won, though, is Little Miss Cotton. Hahaha – really!

I do still love to see pageants at festivals. This website shows the queens of some festivals in Louisiana (you have to see it – it’s great). Now, I want to be “Miss Andouille” or the “Crawfish Queen”! I am *loving* the crown and scepter that the Shrimp and Petroleum Queen wears too!!! One of my new friends (with such a fun blog!) wears a tiara when she cooks supper. Um, me too!

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