Salt and Pepper Shaker Tassel

Last year, there was an article in Mississippi Magazine about salt and pepper shaker tassels. All you do is just take an old salt or pepper shaker, thread a cord in the top, and put a tassel in the other end.

shaker with a hole in the bottom (so those screw-cap ones obv. won’t work)
either skinny gold cord, or embroidery thread & embroidery needle
various ribbons (or you can use yarn, etc)
hot glue

This project is *so* much easier if you use a shaker that is short, because you won’t have a hard time getting the cord or thread to go through the top holes and down to where you can reach it on the bottom. If you use really tall shakers like these:

…it’s a lot more difficult (these are 4″ tall) and rather than tying a knot in the cord, I’ve had to glue the cord to stay put. It still looks good, but you just have to be careful to do a very neat job hot gluing.

The shakers must have a hole in the bottom so you’ll have a place to nest the tassel:

To make the hanger, I took embroidery thread and put it on a long needle to get it to go from the bottom of the shaker, through one of the top holes, and down through the other.

Here I placed little tiny dabs of hot glue at each hole in the top of the shaker to secure the thread. I flattened out the glue while it was still hot so it would look neat and not at all noticeable.

I like brown and turquoise together, so I got five different patterns of brown ribbon:

…and cut them all either 12″ or 13″ long so there would be some variation. I wanted the ribbons to hang somewhere around 150% the length of the shaker (so since the shaker is 4″ long and once the tassel is made the 12″ strips will be folded in half to be 6″ long, that pretty much works out).

For this tassel, I cut seventeen strips of ribbon. Some ribbon patterns I only cut two of and others (like the skinny one) I cut more.

Here are all the strips laid out:

I put a new long skinny ribbon underneath all the others, right in the middle:

…and knotted it:

Then I pulled down both sides and knotted that with a new piece of skinny ribbon to make the tassel shape:

I stuffed the top of the tassel in the shaker bottom (and neatly hot glued around the inside there to make it secure):

Cut fish-tails into the large ribbon ends (I left the small and medium-width ribbons flat since they won’t unravel):

Fluffed it all out a bit, and here it is!:

What do you think!?

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