RC and Moon Pie Festival, Bell Buckle Tennessee

This weekend, we drove up to Bell Buckle, Tennessee for the RC and Moon Pie Festival. We got to see some of the contests – this is the RC dash, where contestants walk with cans of RC on their head:

…and after this was the watermelon seed-spitting contest. All day, there were different activities: a race, people clogging, a RC-Moon Pie recipe contest, a wading pool play called “A Midsummer’s Nightmare” where GooGoo Cluster tries to steal RC Cola from Moon Pie (there’s a pic of it here), and towards the end of the day, the largest Moon Pie is cut into and served.

There were some special painted pieces for sale too – this table ($1800):

Stool ($950/pr):

Chair ($1400):

Gosh you know I *loved* those and they’ve inspired me to take out my paints and do my own thing. It’s great that a lucky someone is getting to take these home!

Daddy of course snacked on a RC and a Moon Pie. Shug is *waaay* too little to enjoy them, but daddy put them on his stroller tray just for a pic, and look at what Shug went after!

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