For a while, I’ve had the idea of laminating paper menus from some of our favorite restaurants so that our children can have something different at each meal to use as a placemat. Av got them laminated for us, and they turned out great!

(above:) We’ve got placemats now from Bright Star, Lusco’s, Attman’s, Cotton Patch, Walnut Hills, Primo’s, McGuire’s, Stamps Superburger…

(below:)Niki’s West, Mary Mac’s, Wintzell’s, Schwartz’s in Montreal, Faidley’s in Baltimore, the old Sal and Sam’s, even a peach pie wrapper from The Varsity that I guess can be a drink coaster…

On Tuesday of this week, Av came home for a couple of hours in the middle of the day so Leslie and I could have girl-time (I think this is the first time in weeks – since I went to knit-night last – that I have been away from Shug! Oh it was so hard to leave the house without that sweet little boy!!). We went to Chez Fonfon in B’ham and it was soooooo good…another one to laminate!

Hopefully when they get older the boys will have a good time deciding which placemat to use – and it will give them something to practice reading with too.

I’ve also been saving mayonnaise and applesauce jars for catching lightning bugs!

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