Jim Bird’s Hay Critters, Farm Art, Messages, and Butter Sculpting

The July/August issue of AAA magazine – Alabama Journey – has a feature on Jim Bird’s “hay critters” (that’s what he calls them). They’re on his farm along US 43 in Forkland, Alabama, between Demopolis and Eutaw and really something to see.

He says his next creation may be a flower in a pot – he made one years ago with a florist and her husband who were on their way to the beach and stopped for a visit…they wound up staying for hours.

Our visit to Mr. Bird’s farm is at this post.

Other people’s hay sculptures:

Makin’ Hay, a three-piece sculpture by artist Tom Otterness in Stanford, California (although it’s a traveling exhibit so it may be somewhere else right now)
An ice cream manufacturer in England has a hay satellite dish as their ‘dish of the day’
Stonehenge made of hay in Australia


Corn sculptures
in Thailand
Corn dragon in China
…this is not made of actual corn, but there’s a field of concrete corn in Dublin, Ohio
…and there’s flying corn at the airport in Atlanta

Two years ago I took these pics of messages on cotton modules:

…and at the Iowa State Fair, since the early 1900s, they’ve had a butter cow sculpted. And not only that, but they’ve done butter sculptures of Tiger Woods, Harry Potter, John Wayne, and Superman. Oh, and Iowa isn’t the only state fair that does this. Texas, Ohio, and New York do it too. Our troops at Camp Anaconda in Iraq made this Thanksgiving sculpture out of margarine because they didn’t have butter (can we not get these people butter for goodness sakes!!??) – pretty great!

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