Bettye Kimbrell Honored with One of Eleven NEA Grants

(this is a quilt Bettye did with the other Mt. Olive quilters, from a gallery show we went to in Montgomery earlier this year)

I just found out that Bettye Kimbrell, who grew up in Fayette County and lives in Mt. Olive, was one of eleven recipients of a $20,000 Heritage Fellowship grant that the National Endowment of the Arts gave out this year. In her bio from the NEA site, it reads that:

Bettye learned to quilt from her grandmother who, as she says, “believed your stitches reflected your character.” For quilt backing she used feed and fertilizer sacks, while the fabric was dyed with walnut hulls and yellow root, and cotton from the fields was used for batting.

The other ten recipients of the NEA grant are:
Horace P. Axtell (Nez Perce drum maker, singer, tradition-bearer) from Lewiston, Idaho
Dale Harwood (Saddlemaker) from Shelley, Idaho
Jeronimo E. Lozano (Peruvian retablo (portable altar boxes) maker) from Salt Lake City
Oneida Singers of Wisconsin (Oneida hymn singers) from Oneida, Wisconsin
Sue Yeon Park (Korean dancer and musician) from New York
Moges Seyoum (Ethiopian liturgical musician/scholar) from Alexandria, Virginia
Jelon Vieira (Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian art form) master) from New York
Dr. Michael White (Traditional jazz musician/bandleader) from New Orleans
and Mac Wiseman (Bluegrass musician) from Nashville

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