Art in the Athens City Cemetery, Athens Alabama

As we were leaving town, we went past the Athens City Cemetery and drove in because we saw some pretty monuments.

Av said that before we got married, the only time he had ever been to a cemetery was for a funeral. I grew up completely different – my Nanny loved to go through cemeteries to visit family and she enjoyed looking at the different monuments and telling me stories about the people she knew, which were always very interesting. We would go several times each week.

I like to look for monuments that are different – and at the cemetery in Athens, they undoubtedly had a very talented artist make the monuments there in the early 1900’s. This person was just incredibly skilled, especially at flowers and such:

Another terribly sad monument is here / alt. view here. I just can’t bear to put it here!

This one doesn’t have so much ornate detail but I sent it to Alabama Heritage magazine to be part of their feature on “story” monuments. This one reads:

Harriet Emily Pryor beloved wife of Robert Joseph Lowe
Born Sept. 13, 1866
And Francis Pettus Lowe Their infant son Born March 2, 1901

Wife and Child

Killed in the ruins of their home by the cyclone which destroyed it, Monday morning March 25, 1901

…Alabama Heritage is going to put several story monuments online – I’ll link to it as soon as they publish it.

Here are some close-ups of some of the decorative works:

This is the Confederate monument:

It reads:
In memory of the strangers who in the baptism of our soil with their heroic blood have honored us. Lest we forget.

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