York and Cuba, Alabama

Just before we got to Cuba, we went through York to see all the new things the city has been been doing. The Coleman Center for the Arts there is transforming the town into a little artist magnet! Really, for a few years now they have been bringing in artists from outside, putting on exhibits, and encouraging local artists. Their mission is, “…art is relevant to everybody’s life and that everybody’s life is relevant to art. By nurturing and facilitating partnerships between artists and community we strive to create the vision and the means for a creative and sustainable society. Our mission is to enrich lives by integrating art into education, civic life, and community development throughout the Black Belt. “

This mural below was done by Tierney Malone. Southern Sound: Hear My Train A Comin’:

All over town there are things to see. Looking for asbestos siding?

Here’s some Woco-Pep ‘motor fuel’ with the flapper-girl on the mural. This is one of the forerunners to Pure brand gasoline.

This rooster was created by Jim Bird of Forkland – we visited his art environment at this post:

Downtown mosaic:

This is Tee’s Lounge that Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. does so many letterpress designs for:

Here are two outside the front door. “Tee’s Lounge: 21st Century Juke Joint”:

This sign is above a downtown storefront:

Once we left York, it was a short trip to Cuba, where we visited Tammy and her very sweet family (hi y’all!) at Cuba Day. Tammy had been telling me about how pretty Cuba is, and she is right!

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