Visiting Mooresville, Alabama

We visited Mooresville, Alabama for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It’s the first town established by the newly-formed state of Alabama in 1818, but it’s not the oldest town in Alabama by far – Childersburg claims itself to be America’s oldest occupied city (est. 1540).

Mooresville is, though, postcard-pretty, almost like a museum setting.

The post office (still in the same building) is from 1840 and is among the oldest in the country:

So many pretty homes:

This is the 1854 Church of Christ. James Garfield preached here when he was a general, before he became president:

The 1839 Mooresville Brick Church – atop the steeple is a hand:

…with a finger pointing straight to Heaven…:

Just like First Presbyterian Church in Port Gibson!:

The church in Mooresville is older than the church in Port Gibson – I wonder how many churches in the US have this feature atop their steeples?

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