Vintage Goodness

Ever since I read one of the Cath Kidston books on vintage linens, I have really had a better appreciation for them. Every Friday night that we have all our family over for supper, I dress the dining room table with some of Av’s grandmother’s linens. I can’t help but think of all the elegant suppers and wonderful conversations and beautiful memories that have been made over those linens the past few decades.

One of my newest friends, Mary Abigail, lives in California and found this apron at a shop there. She got it for me – look at the vintage goodness!

It’s got “Shabbat Shalom” on one side and holidays on the other!! I have never seen anything like it, anywhere!

In love with it. It’s so great I’m trying to figure out how to display it somehow. I am showing it off to everyone that comes by!

Mary Abigail is from Alabama and is moving back soon. Her little girl and Shug are just almost the same age so they are going to be having the best time playing together!

BTW, when I was looking up other vintage linens, I found this blog that shows how one mom embellished a little girl dress with a doily! Precious!

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