Update on Proceed and Be Bold Documentary

I heard back from Laura Zinger, the producer/director of the Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. documentary, Proceed and Be Bold after my first post about the film.

When I asked her why she chose PaBB as the title (which I thought was interesting since that was one of Sambo Mockbee‘s catchphrases and APK has done so much work for the Rural Studio), she replied:

And you know, I’m not from the South, and I only found out about the Rural Studio because of Amos’ PROCEED AND BE BOLD! Poster that he did for the Rural Studio, but I honestly knew nothing about the Rural Studio until a few months ago, and even then, I had no idea it was as big of a catch phrase as it seems like it is.

I honestly was just sitting in my house, thinking about what to name the first short that I did about Amos (me: it’s the clip above, on this post) and I looked up at his PROCEED AND BE BOLD! poster on my wall and immediately thought, “That’s it!” and that was about a year and a half ago and it just stuck. Plus I think Amos embodies the whole meaning behind “Proceed and Be Bold” with the way that Sambo meant it to his students (I actually go into detail about Sambo and how the quote came from him-someone else told me that the quote actually came from Walt Whitman originally, but I haven’t found the poem yet-would you happen to know?) and I just really love the phrase, so I hope the Rural Studio nor Sambo mind me appropriating it for Amos and his life story and art work as well.

Plus you’re right, it sounded more appropriate than “If you can’t take it on a plane, don’t bring it in here!” LOL!

They’re aiming for a mid-late July release of the DVD, and it will hopefully also be featured at some film festivals also. When those things start happening, I’ll update again. I wish Laura, APK, and everyone who worked on the film so much success. I can’t wait to see it!

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