Sweet Pics

Last week, the Oscar Mayer weinermobile was cruising through Alabama – so we stopped to show Shug what a giant hotdog on wheels looks like!

Here’s Shug in his little summery madras pants!

Since Shug has been about six months old, we’ve gone out and done something each day of the week. We go out one day to the big botanic garden, one day to the smaller botanic garden, one day shopping all over town, one day at the museum, and one day at the zoo.

This past week when we visited the zoo, we were just in time to see the sea lion getting fed:

*and* we went to the new kangaroo exhibit – it was fantastic!! They have a very nice place with some rocking chairs to sit on, and the sitting area is under a small wooden structure open on all sides so you can sit in the shade and just watch the kangaroos hop around. I sat in one of the rocking chairs and fed Shug some of his juice, and we were there enjoying the kangaroos for a long time! We’ve got a weekly playdate with my friend Jenifer and her baby girl, who’s just five weeks older than Shug, and I’m going to see about the four of us going kangaroo watching next time! Fun!

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