Proceed And Be Bold

A documentary on letterpress printer Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., who has his shop in Gordo, is premiering tonight at Columbia College in Chicago. The website for the film is here, and a very short trailer is below:

He’s at Kentuck every year, so we get to see him then, and usually buy at least one poster. Here are some pics from the Okra Festival in Burkville, and Kentuck, of his prints:

It’s pretty interesting that the documentary’s producers chose to name the film “Proceed And Be Bold” since that was one of Sambo Mockbee’s catchphrases and it’s been used so much in context with the Rural Studio, including a book (APK Jr. has done *several* Rural Studio posters including one I just saw for the $20k house).

I guess it sounded better/more appropriate than “If you can’t take it on a plane: don’t bring it in here!” or “How can you know Jesus when you can’t write a thank you note?” like the ones below:

I wonder when PABB will be shown around some of the film festivals around here…I’m emailing the production company right now to see (and will update this as soon as I hear from them – okay here’s the update!).

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