Pretty Eutaw to Livingston

This weekend we were invited by my newest friend, Tammy, to Cuba Day, which was taking part in the ‘US 11 Antique Alley’ event this year.

On the way over, we stopped for a little while in Eutaw, where they were having their Antique Alley event in the courthouse square. This is the old courthouse building:

People were spread out around the square selling their antiques and homemade things. This picture is of some quilts that were made by a lady from Boligee:

We bought two small pine needle baskets by Mary Hicks and her daughter Annette Jordan. I asked how long it took Mary to make just one of the baskets that I got, and she said “four days”!:

Mary offers lessons so that others can learn the art of pine needle basket making (I can give you her phone number if you like – just email me):

There are so many pretty homes in Eutaw:

This is the antebellum Greek Revival mansion Kirkwood (open for tours):

Going down to Livingston, we went over the Tenn-Tom and saw the pretty white bluffs:

Once we got to Livingston, we had a picnic under a magnolia tree in the courthouse square:

Soooo pretty!

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