Pontotoc, Mississippi

We drove through Pontotoc on the way home and saw this old Sinclair station (there are just four in Mississippi and I think that’s as far east as Sinclair goes):

Downtown was nice, and they had some advertising murals, like this one for the Pontotoc Cream Station and Oneeta Flour:


A mural for Barber’s milk:

The post office had a WPA/New Deal/Section mural dated 1939 called “The Wedding of Ortez and Sa-Owana, Christmas 1540”:

There’s a barn under all that kudzu:

…oh, and not too far outside of town, there was a patch of kudzu with a big sign saying “Kudzu Control Demonstration” that Mississippi State is working on (along with a bunch of others). This page shows them putting a fire lane down to keep it from getting to homes. We have kudzu in our backyard – well, behind the cleared ‘backyard’ part of our backyard. You just have to keep a watch on it and make sure it stays cut back because it grows soooo fast.

One thing that is taking over right now is the honeysuckle! Oh it smells so good!

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