Losing Polaroids


Polaroid is going to quit…well…quit making Polaroids. They’re staying in business, but there was an article in the last issue of New York Magazine that Polaroid is getting out of the instant film business. At Polaroid’s site, they even give a timetable of product discontinuance dates.

A group of people have gotten together to Save Polaroid with the hopes that Polaroid will at least consider licensing the rights to make the film to some other company.

I really hope that happens. I can think of all the wonderful events that people have been marked not with regular camera and film, but with Polaroids…like when I was little (and maybe even this is still done), when malls brought out Santa or the Easter Bunny to sit with children, the pics were always Polaroids. The club that our family always goes to for birthdays and anniversaries – the pics are always Polaroids. And there’s the part that’s so exciting, to me anyway – shaking and blowing on the pic while it develops to see how it really turns out.

I guess I am going to have to buy a bunch of Polaroid 600 film and take some what will soon be retro pics of Shug! He’ll be telling his grandchildren, “see how old I am? People were still shooting with Polaroids!” and they’ll say, “PawPaw, what’s a Polaroid?”!

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