Huntsville Is Going To Get WRAPped

(these two images are from the IFC website, used with permission)

I read that Jennifer Marsh, who is graduating with a master of fine arts degree from Syracuse, is moving to Huntsville to teach at UAH. Her group, the International Fiber Collaborative, and this project called WRAP for World Reclamation Art Project, has been written about by the AP. The story appeared everywhere from the Washington Post to USA Today and CBS.

The article says she “was sick of paying high gas prices and bothered by the abandoned gas station that was an eyesore on the drive to her studio each day” and that she decided to cover the station in a giant blanket, encouraging people to consider their own thoughts about energy dependence.

Each panel – there are more than 3000 of them – are crocheted, knitted, stitched, or quilted together. She did the project with the help of students and artists from 15 countries and 29 states.

We’ve been talking (she’s so nice!), and she should have the location for the Huntsville WRAP decided by the end of August. She’ll be needing donations of fiber and finished panels, so as we get closer I’ll update about how to participate, etc. Can’t wait!

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