Going To Smuteye, Alabama

This weekend, we went to Smuteye, Alabama. Smuteye even has a website that discusses how the town got its name as well as other uniquely-named places in the state, like Possum Trot, Frog Bottom, Eclectic, Bug Tussle, and Flea Hop.

The main reason to go to Smuteye was to see the store there. But on the way, we saw *all kinds* of things…here are some really-quick pics:

The ’30s Ritz Theatre in Greenville:

The Pioneer Cemetery there has some really different sculptured monuments:



…and these Victorian-era metal monuments:

This Coke mural was in Banks:

In Clayton is the only surviving antebellum octagon home in the state:

It’s on North Midway Street right in the middle of town. The house was built from 1859-1861.

This old town bell was mentioned in my WPA book as having been located in the center of town for over 100 years. The book says that it was the town’s official timepiece and that it was also used in antebellum days to call together the “slave patrol” if any slaves were suspected of having run away. Today it is in the Clayton Baptist Church cemetery:

…and not too far behind it is this monument in the shape of a whiskey bottle. The monument is for William T. Mullen who died in 1863 at the age of 29. He had been a heavy drinker for several years, and his wife (who the WPA book describes as a teetotaler) had told him that if he didn’t stop that she would have a monument in the shape of a whiskey bottle erected if his drinking led him to pass away. Well, sure enough:

Not far from Clayton is Smuteye, Alabama, where the old Smut Eye Grocery store is:

…but what makes it really special is this handpainted sign about John Dillinger – “Get Dillinger” – a $15,000 reward:

It’s the same as this printed version.

(I would have opened the right screen door more, but it was in pretty bad shape and I was afraid it would break.)

Union Springs has this bird dog monument in the middle of town:

…and lots of pretty homes:

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