Going Over to Elvis’

Last weekend when we were on our way to the Double Decker Art Festival in Oxford, we stopped for a little while in Tupelo so we could get Shug out of the carseat for a while and have some fun (thank goodness, he takes great car naps and doesn’t mind riding in the car, ever!) at the Elvis Presley Birthplace.

We bought tickets to tour the house and the museum ($7 combined). Pictures aren’t allowed in the museum (which is very small to begin with). This is the chapel with pretty windows by Laukhuff Stained Glass of Memphis – I’ve seen their windows in a couple of different Temples at least – their style is nice:

This statue of Elvis is 5’5″ tall – Elvis’ height when he was 13 and moved from Tupelo to Memphis:

This is Elvis’ house with Av and Shug on the front porch. Shug knows that as a good Southerner, he was born with a special place in his heart for both Elvis and Bear Bryant!

There are two rooms in the house – the bedroom, where Elvis was born:

…and the kitchen. That’s it.:

Can you imagine what Elvis’ mother must have thought of Graceland, after starting out in this little two-room house in Tupelo?

We had a nice time and got to meet a couple from England who were spending a week in the US. After leaving Tupelo, they were off to Nashville to see everything about Country music. They were really nice – and I noticed that as we were leaving, of the 12 or so cars we could see in the parking lot, there was maybe one car with an in-state tag!

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