Gainesville, Alabama

On our way home from Cuba, we drove into Gainesville, Alabama which is home to only a few more than 200 people. There are several antebellum homes and buildings:

This monument is at the spot where General Forrest was paroled – it reads: “On this spot, General Nathan Beford Forrest and his daring followers were paroled by General Canby of U.S.A., May 15, 1865. General Armstead and his brave men were paroled here the same day. Nor shall their glory be forgot while fame her record keeps.”

This is the coffin shop, est. 1830:

An old Coca-Cola mural:

This is the Presbyterian Church est. 1837 that has a slave gallery that runs along three of the walls, and has six lamps hanging from the ceiling that once burned whale oil:

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