Vizzini Farms Winery, the Alabama Wine Trail, Whiskey, and Common Tables

We got to try another winery a few weeks ago, called Vizzini Farms Winery in Calera. The weather was great so Av went inside and Shug and I stayed outside and looked at the muscadine vines.

Av spent just a little while in the tasting room and brought back two bottles of wine, a white zinfandel and a reisling. Hasn’t White Zin been “out” for a while, though? I don’t know the first thing about wines really. First of all I can’t drink because I’m nursing Shug, but even when I was able to, I could never be a wine snob because I think cold and sweet tastes nice (I know! haha!). I can never pick out ‘notes’ or accurately describe a ‘finish’ or say that something had a ‘spicy/cinammon/fragrant watermelon slight herbal pleasant nose’ either.

Going to California and doing a little tour of the wine country like on Sideways would still be fun, though!

The only thing about these bottles from Vizzini (above) is that the labels aren’t very interesting.

Av likes the taste of Morgan Creek wines in Harpersville (below), and I like having them around just because they’re pretty:

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We both still want to do a ‘Southern Sideways’ some time and visit all the wineries in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana – a listing of all of them are at this site. There’s only one in Mississippi, Old South Winery, and we’ve been to it, so that just leaves a few in Alabama and the five in Louisiana to visit. If we added Georgia, they’re mostly in the same section of the state so that might be fun too.

I just now found an article that Associated Press did about the brand-new Alabama Wine Trail, which was introduced/published on Tuesday, although I can’t find it on the state’s tourism site. Whereas the AP piece probably could have been a fun article about the writer visiting any, or some, of the eight wineries listed, the article instead focused on a religious group’s opposition, how a third of the counties in Alabama are still ‘dry’ (‘dry’ meaning alcohol isn’t sold – I grew up in a ‘dry’ county and never thought much about it)…

…and then the owner of Vizzini Farms Winery, Tom Vizzini, is quoted in regards to Alabama now promoting its wineries as saying, “Thank G-d for Mississippi. We’re ahead of them.”

Mississippi has one winery so that wouldn’t make much of a ‘trail’ and that’s just a really tacky thing for Mr. Vizzini to say. Not nice. And then the head of the Alabama Wineries Association is quoted in the article as saying, “we have such a Bible Belt population that when you say you’re going to increase production … in this state they think there will be a drunk in every house” and “there are a lot of people in this state with wine in their closets.” If I were the head of the AWA I sure would be playing up the positives instead of chatting with an AP reporter about some perceived small-mindedness. Anyway.

Now, for people who like whiskey, there’s something called the American Whiskey Trail, and it’s made up of nine different distilleries – one in Virginia, six in Kentucky, and two in Tennessee. That would have to be fun! I’ve visited Jack Daniel’s in Lynchburg three or four times but it’s been years ago – their tour is really pretty good, although if you go when it’s super-hot in the summer, there’s one part around where they have the sour mash open and fermenting that you pass right by and the smell will almost take your breath away it is so strong! The tour guides are funny and it is really interesting too.

The next time we are around Lynchburg, I’d like to have lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House. I understand that you have to make a reservation weeks in advance to get a seating. They have a hostess at each table and of course you get to sit with all kinds of people you don’t know and I’m sure end up making friends just like we do each time we go to Walnut Hills in Vicksburg and The Dinner Bell in McComb. The next time we are in Savannah, I want to go to Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room, too, because I understand it is the very same way! So fun!

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