Sugar Kettles

Sugar Kettle, Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie LA

Sugar kettle, Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie Louisiana

I saw an ad for sugar kettles at Brian’s Furniture in Port Allen, Louisiana recently, and when I went to their website, the shop was offering them not only in cast iron (a 5′-diameter kettle weighs around 500 lbs) but also in fiberglass!

The flat part of our back yard isn’t really big enough to put a sugar kettle and it look good, but I love to find other people who have the kind of area and landscaping like in the two pictures I took above, that can have an antique sugar kettle to either use as a fountain or pond or a planter.

Finding a real antique sugar kettle that was used for its original purpose is really hard because I understand that a lot of them were melted down during the War for metal – but oh it would be wonderful to find one for sale (I can’t imagine how expensive a 200+ year-old sugar kettle would be!).

Brian’s in Port Allen has the new cast iron ones in 5′ diameter painted black for $1250 and the fiberglass ones for $500. It would feel like cheating though, with a fiberglass one, I think!

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