Project Mockingbird

Here in Alabama, Jefferson County is taking part in the National Endowment for the Arts’ Big Read program by asking the community to read ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ – they’re calling the idea ‘Project Mockingbird’. TKAM is being read in several of the Alabama communities that are participating, but there are places all over the country that are reading different books – there’s a Google map showing all the different ones here.

I read TKAM in high school, but I got a new copy to read the other day (they’re giving them out free at libraries also). What’s really neat is that there are so many different activities that are going on in conjunction with the book: Mary Badham who played Scout in the movie is giving a lecture at one library; the film is being shown at the beautiful Alabama Theatre; the central library is hosting a day with a historian, a Mockingbird documentary will be shown, and there will be food and music; there’s going to be a ‘last page’ event at a park the end of this month too. All the events can be found here.

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